Emerald Kush Farms is a Woman-Owned Business, proudly lead by a former USCG Veteran, alongside her business partner, a Navy Special Operations Veteran of 24 years.

We run our business with integrity and efficiencies that come with years of deployments and overseas tours of duty. At its heart, Emerald Kush Farms brings you the highest-quality CBD products that only the purest raw materials, processed carefully and properly, can.

We understand the importance of the Human Cannabinoid System (yes, our bodies have a built-in system to process the organic benefits of cannabis) and the importance of balance through the use of Hemp CBD. Our individually formulated CBD-based products interact naturally with your cannabinoid system to support balance in your daily life.

Our reason for being and our promise to you is to deliver the highest-quality CBD products possible. From seed to your countertop, our hand-selected team of North American farmers, chemists, health professionals, and engineers are dedicated to your well-being.