Emerald Kush Farms is a 100%-Disabled-Veteran Owned Business, run with integrity and efficiencies that come with years of deployments and overseas tours of duty. At its heart, Emerald Kush Farms brings you the highest-quality CBD products that only the purest raw materials, processed carefully and properly, can.

We understand the importance of the Human Cannabinoid System (yes, our bodies have a built-in system to process the organic benefits of cannabis) and the importance of balance through the use of Hemp CBD. Our individually formulated CBD-based products interact naturally with your cannabinoid system to support balance in your daily life.

Our reason for being and our promise to you is to deliver the highest-quality CBD products possible. From seed to your countertop, our hand-selected team of North American farmers, chemists, health professionals, and engineers are dedicated to your well-being.